Nature:  Spiritual Understanding of Self within Creation
May 4, 2019

“Nature” is a day of “re-membering”.   As a culture, we have forgotten who we are as expressions of God’s-Self located in God’s revelation in and through all of Creation.    This retreat is a re-membering of who we are and our spiritual place within Nature.   We will be considering and experiencing the spiritual dimensions, both outer and inner, of the dialogue between the human soul and the glory of Creation.

The ancient and modern Celtic Christian tradition locates us in an old and refreshingly new perspective of our human place among all “things”.   Modern Western culture seems intent upon seeing Nature as something to be used or conquered, whereas many older religious perspectives and cultures have held that Nature and the Human Soul are an equal and life-giving interplay of God’s revelation into the material world.    “Nature” is an exploration of Self as it is located in God, and a consideration of how we reside in the sacred beauty of the land.   Participants reflect upon and attend to the interrelated landscape around us and in us and deepen the connection with Self, Nature, others, and God.  The beauty of Nature, through landscape, and the Celtic Christian perspective will be the instigator and frame of the conversation.  Throughout the day, we will be opening our awareness to God’s presence, through and with Christ, to deepen our encounter and rootedness in God.

We will consider the human soul as part of an interrelation with all of Creation.    We will view Nature as a great teacher of spiritual growth and truth, and we will encounter God’s presence as God is revealed and experienced through Creation.   We will make use of the Celtic Christian view of encountering God as expressed through Creation.

We will meet from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at Willow Springs Retreat in Edmonds, WA.   The cost is $175 which includes the price of the retreat, enjoyment of two beautiful gardens, a labyrinth walk, and lunch.   Email Kirk Webb to sign up for “Nature” and you will receive information about registration and payment.  And for each person that you invite who attends the seminar, you will receive $50 off of your registration fee.    

You are whole-heartedly welcome to join us for this consideration of the eternal connection and dialogue between the Soul and God by tuning ourselves to hear the ongoing expression of God through Nature.

Optional Spiritual Direction Certificate Program
You are invited to any of the seminars or retreat experiences offered by The Celtic Center such as “Landscape of the Soul” as you desire to enhance your own spiritual and personal journey. Additionally, we hope you will consider taking a deeper dive by considering the 2-year program to prepare you to guide others effectively as you offer spiritual direction. As you complete the entire program, you will receive a Certificate in Spiritual Direction and the confidence and skills that enable you to guide others with proficiency, artistry, and wisdom.

Kirk Webb will serve as presenter, facilitator, and trainer at each seminar. Additionally, a variety of experienced spiritual directors, Celtic scholars, practitioners, and psychologists will join to present subject material and facilitate group growth and training experiences throughout the sessions.

The entire Spiritual Direction Certificate program involves six seminars (Development) and six days of the practice of contemplative spiritual disciplines and teachings regarding spiritual direction (Encounter). The seminar series is unique in that we draw upon Celtic Christian perspectives as a way of understanding the human journey, particularly considering the relationship of Soul and Nature to inform the cycles of our spiritual life.