Saturday, February 16, 2019

Kells DragonCreated in the image of the Creator – Imagination, Creativity, and the possibility of Beauty discovered and re-created at each new moment.    The creative human soul is wildly expressive.   Even those who do not consider themselves as artists or creative in any fashion cannot help but dream as eyes close, doubts cease, and they become artists of the night.   Our soul themes are expressed despite our hesitations.    Images, stories, and eternal narratives are awaiting expression and discovery in all of Life.   The ancient Celts consistently opened themselves to the encounter with God through Beauty, artistic expression, legend, and the playful union with God that could be captured in no other way than within the imagination.

In this day-long seminar and retreat, we will consider several Celtic themes that illuminate our own soul yearnings and guide our development.   The stories, in several forms, will inspire and challenge us to explore our own longings for union with God.    We will meet the creative call of Christ in unexpected and playful ways through legend, story, dreams, poetry, and fairy tales.    Myth will guide us as we explore the symbolic elements that live vibrantly within each human heart and yearn for expression.    We will explore stories of longingsalmon of knowledge 2, grief, love, hope, desire, redemption, and eternity.   And we will celebrate God’s eternal invitation to unite with Spirit and rest in our place of belonging within the Divine story which is always emerging into our awareness.

In this day we will consider several Celtic myths, explore how our dreams are exquisite guides for our spiritual journey, and look at the many ways that humans tell story in order to reveal the Great Narrative of God’s presence and never ceasing pursuit of each of us.  Learn to listen deeply to story both in its written and spoken form and learn to hear the Divine Spirit moving through everything.  We will be guided by psychological and spiritual perspectives drawing upon ancient Celtic wisdom, modern psychological theories, contemplative Christian understandings and practices, and wisdom from mystical traditions around the world.

Our day together includes teaching, discussion, moments of quiet contemplation, enjoyment of Nature, and lunch together.    We will meet from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at Willow Springs Retreat in Edmonds, WA.   The cost is $175 which includes the price of the retreat, enjoyment of two beautiful gardens and lunch.  You are whole-heartedly welcome to join us.   Email Kirk Webb to sign up for “Imagination” and you will receive information about registration and payment.

If you would like to join us for spiritual direction training and practice on the previous day then you can see information about that opportunity here.   Out of town participants may want to stay overnight on Friday in order to attend the Saturday seminar in which case you are responsible for your own lodging in the Edmonds area.   Edmonds is a beautiful little town on the Puget Sound and has many lodging possibilities.   Let Kirk  know if you need suggestions for places to stay, and do let us know if you have any questions about this seminar.   We hope you will join us for this lovely day together.

Spiritual Direction Certificate Program
You are invited to any of the seminars or retreat experiences offered by The Celtic Center as you desire to enhance your own spiritual and personal journey. Additionally, we hope you will consider taking a deeper dive by considering the 2-year program to prepare you to guide others effectively as you offer spiritual direction. As you complete the entire program, you will receive a Certificate in Spiritual Direction and the confidence and skills that enable you to guide others with proficiency, artistry, and wisdom.

Kirk Webb will serve as presenter, facilitator, and trainer at each seminar. Additionally, a variety of experienced spiritual directors, Celtic scholars, practitioners, and psychologists will join to present subject material and facilitate group growth and training experiences throughout the sessions.

The entire Spiritual Direction Certificate program involves six seminars (Development) and six days of the practice of contemplative spiritual disciplines and teachings regarding spiritual direction (Encounter). The seminar series is unique in that we draw upon Celtic Christian perspectives as a way of understanding the human journey, particularly considering the relationship of Soul and Nature to inform the cycles of our spiritual life.

If you would like further information then it can be found here.

Please consider forwarding this invitation to those whom you think may benefit by participating in any of The Celtic Center’s programs.