Seminars, Retreats, & the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program

You are invited to join us for any individual seminar or learning event.   And you are also invited to join us for a 2-year spiritual direction training program.   This program is designed to strengthen and encourage your own spiritual growth as well as prepare you to assist others skillful and carefully on their spiritual walk.    You will learn themes of contemplative spirituality from a  perspective thereby deepening your wisdom about God’s work in and through the human development process and you will gain skills in effective listening, conversation, and spiritual disciplines with the goal of accompanying others as they seek their own Divine encounter as well.    Some of you will want these skills as they are relevant to all of your relationships and others may want to employ these skills in professional pastoral and spiritual direction work.   This whole series of training seminars and experiences, which entitles the participant to a Certificate of Spiritual Direction at the conclusion of the work, prepare you to offer trained, educated, and practiced care for the souls of others.     

The eighteen-month program consists of six weekend seminars, one online training module, reading and reflections, and spiritual direction for yourself and supervised practice of direction for others.    

The seminars are held at the Whidbey Institute which is an exceptionally beautiful conference facility located on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle.   The land of the Whidbey Institute is magnificently beautiful and whispers eternal truths to each person who pauses to hear that voice.   The principles of Celtic Spirituality and the eternal truth carried by the beauty of Creation combine to create a rich soul-enhancing and well-informed learning experience.    

The six seminars are:

  • The Celtic Spirit (Introduction to Celtic Themes)
    • January (TBD), 2019
  • Landscape of the Soul (A Celtic Conversation of Soul and Nature)
    • May 11-13, 2018, Friday – Sunday
    • Register through the Whidbey Institute here
  • Coming Home (Spiritual Development across the Human Lifespan)
    • Fall (TBD), 2019
  • Storied Spirit  (Myth, Fairy Tales, and Dreams as portals into spiritual narrative)
    • January (TBD), 2019
  • Soul Text (Reading and Applying Sacred “Text”  as our Spiritual Guide)
    • May (TBD), 2019
  • Divine Community  (Relational and Community Life and Practice as Dignity and Responsibility)
    • Fall (TBD), 2019


The Spiritual Direction training will also include:

  • Spiritual Direction Practice and Parameters.   Online training module.
    • This online learning experience is designed to educate each participant in the practice of spiritual direction for individuals and groups.   It will include practical instruction as well as ethical and technical instruction about setting up and maintaining a spiritual direction practice.  
  • Reading
    • You will read several relevant books on Celtic spirituality, contemplative practice, and the art of spiritual direction.   10-15 texts will be required over the 18 month period.
  • Writing
    • You will have several written assignments which include a spiritual autobiography, a verbatim of your work as spiritual director, and a Clinical Portfolio at the conclusion of your training which includes an incorporation of relevant texts, spiritual direction verbatim material, and a synthesis of Celtic principles and spiritual formation, community involvement, and spiritual direction practices.   
  • Personal Spiritual Direction.   
    • You will be required to participate in your own spiritual direction by a trained spiritual director throughout the 18 months of the Celtic Center training.
  • Offering Spiritual Direction to others.    
    • You will be required to offer spiritual direction to at least two other persons for one year during the course of your training.
  • Spiritual Direction supervision.   
    • You will be required to be supervised by a trained spiritual director as you offer direction to others.    



  • Each seminar costs $550-750.    We require the minimum payment but ask that you consider the increased fee, if you are able,  in order to help cover the costs of other participants who are unable to afford the full payment at this time.   The fee includes tuition, housing, and meals at the Whidbey Institute.   
  • The online module is $300-500.  
  • Your own spiritual direction and supervision is your responsibility and paid for by you as an agreed upon fee with your spiritual director and supervisor.   
  • If you choose to participate in the entire Spiritual Direction Certificate program then the total cost is $3600 – $4800.   In addition, you should anticipate the fees to your spiritual director and supervisor.   
  • You are responsible for any travel costs to and from the Whidbey Institute for each seminar.   
  • If you are unable to cover the full cost of the program, then please contact Kirk Webb and let him know what you can pay.  With the generosity of other participants, we may be able to accommodate your needs. 


To Register for Landscape of the Soul (May 11-13, 2018), please click this button to go to the registration page at The Whidbey Institute.


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Please contact Kirk Webb with any questions, and you can indicate your desire to attend and your financial needs.