Frequently Asked Questions


May I register for one seminar or offering or do I have to commit to the entire Spiritual Direction Certificate program?

You may do either.   Each seminar is open to you and you may piece together any number of them to suit your needs.   However, if you would like to partake of the entire program and receive the Spiritual Direction Certificate then you will need to attend all seminars and meet all additional requirements of the program.


Do I have to take the seminars in order and within the 18 month period if I would like to obtain the Spiritual Direction Certificate.   

No, you do not have to take the seminars in order.   However, the first seminar is an overview of Celtic themes and will be very helpful as a launching point for your studies and growth.    You may take the seminars and fulfill the other requirements in the order that suits you best, but a certificate will not be issued until all seminars are completed.


Are the seminars individually priced or do I have to pay for the whole program at one time?

The seminars are individually priced and you will pay for each as you go through the program.   If you are attending an individual seminar then you will pay for that seminar uniquely.   If you are committed to the whole Spiritual Direction training program then you will pay for each seminar as you go.