Wandering Homeward Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Wandering Homeward day of learning and retreat is next weekend and we would love to have you join us.   There are still spaces available.   This one-day seminar explores Spiritual Development across our whole lifespan from a Celtic Christian Perspective.  We will consider characteristics and possibilities inherent in each chapter of human life.   You will …

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The Revival of Celtic Christian Spirituality

Beldon Lane assists us in understanding a bit of the history of Celtic Christian Spirituality and its modern importance. __________ An excerpt from: BACKPACKING WITH THE SAINTS, by Beldon Lane, pp. 44-45 The retrieval of Celtic spirituality has been an important development in religious thought over the past hundred years. It allows us to put …

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Why Celtic Christian Spirituality?

Kirk Webb January 2018 I am often asked why the Celtic spiritual perspective has my attention and why I am willing to be guided by this ancient and modern tradition.    The answer is certainly complex and multi-layered, as I suppose any of us would have to admit about our spiritual choices, beliefs, narratives, and influences. …

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