Suffering Is

Kirk Webb Suffering is.  There is no escape from suffering, and if you live with your eyes open then suffering is available on a daily, dare I say hourly, basis.  Sometimes it visits as a horrible crisis or tragedy.  Sometimes it whispers from the walls of an empty room saying "you are alone".  And sometimes …

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Why Celtic Christian Spirituality?

Kirk Webb January 2018 I am often asked why the Celtic spiritual perspective has my attention and why I am willing to be guided by this ancient and modern tradition.    The answer is certainly complex and multi-layered, as I suppose any of us would have to admit about our spiritual choices, beliefs, narratives, and influences. …

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The Sacrament of Waiting – Macrina Wiederkehr

Slowly she celebrated the sacrament of letting go. First she surrendered her green, then the orange, yellow, and red finally she let go of her brown. Shedding her last leaf she stood empty and silent, stripped bare. Leaning against the winter sky she began her vigil of trust. Shedding her last leaf she watched its journey to …

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