About Our Work

Let us agree that our soul takes notice when we see the unique green of the deep forest, the blue of the sky, the supernatural blue-green of the sea, or the kindness of another soul offered with presence.   And let us see that the presence of another person who is deeply interested in our journey and wants the very best for us frees our heart to find the meaning of our lives and gives us the needed courage to risk living with the full measure of love we have to offer, carefully, with confidence, and Divine creativity.

Our ancestors knew these truths and those life-giving spiritual paths were created long before we began.   Spiritual and religious traditions have always been the guidance that the human soul has sought toward meaning-filled life and loving encounter with others to create beautiful and creative possibility.    The ancient and contemporary Celtic tradition is certainly one of the richest of these traditions.   The way of the ancient Celts, as it is represented in history, Nature, sacred Christian texts, as well as modern poets and guides, provides crucial perspective and direction for the spiritual seeker.   Ancient practices of the Celtic people searching for responsible and redemptive relationship with Nature as well as the Celtic understanding of the Christian story provide a dignified understanding of the human interrelatedness with God, and a life-giving dialogue with Nature and each another.  

The Celtic Center seeks to promote the formation of the thriving human experience, a care-filled and attentive relationship with Creation, and a method of tending to the souls of one another so that Divine Beauty is manifested in who we are and how we live our lives and our relationships.  We seek to support spiritual growth by training caregivers to attend skillfully and lovingly to the souls of others so that the Divine Image, inherent in all of us, is brought forth and enjoyed both individually as well as communally.    

The Celtic Center provides education, growth experiences, and an extended training program for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the contemplative life based on a Celtic perspective of life and relationship with Spirit, Nature, and each another.   Participants may chose to join us for individual offerings to suit unique needs.   Or they may join us for the entire spiritual direction training program which consists of an eighteen month training program for Spiritual Directors who seek to care for their families, neighbors, and professional clients with time-tested skills, wisdom, and care informed by ancient and modern contemplative practices.   This work is born out of the Celtic Christian tradition but also includes and is respectful of other contemplative and Nature-based spiritual perspectives and practices.     All are included.   We are all ultimately seeking “home”.   

We look forward to partnering with you in your desire to care for others wisely and carefully as both you and others seek God and journey through life with newly discovered attention to yourself, others, and all of Creation.